“I have never seen character so simple or so forcefully stated.”
— Gregory McDonald, Art Editor Boston Sunday Globe

“George Papassavas is a correct draftsman and observer.”
— Ras Gunos, Art Critic Momento Magazine

“George Papassavas is a realistic artist and potrays affection for his subjects.
He is not a newcomer nor unexpected in our artistic environment.”
— Oscar Jimenez, Art Critic Universal Magazine

“George Papassavas has dedicated his life to his work as an artist.”
— Alfredo Schael, Art Editor Universal Magazine

“G.Papassavas’ art is about people. With a simple and direct sense of humanity he paints strong portraits of the people … They often look like photographs, carefully set up to document a particular moment, place, or act at the same time they are always treated with a personal painterly quality.”
— Gerry Clow, Boston Globe

“G.Papassavas’ art jumps with life and the people that dominate his oils and acrylics evoke a wealth of emotion beneath rough-hewn, chiseled visages. He is an impotant student of the human face.”
— Tom Tobin, Sun-Tattler of Hollywood, FL

“The freedom with which Papassavas uses color to put man at the center of the universe indicates his Greek Heritage.”
— Ruth Koch, Sun-Tattler of Hollywood, FL

“His expressionistic technique of bold solid images of the human form reflects his artistic attitude.”
— Angela Savko, New-Press Gulf Coasting

“In Papassavas’ world hot-hued Samba dancers do an angular undulation across the canvas and a bright orange horse inspects the viewer with bemusement. Color is the lifeblood of his painting.”
— Deborrah Orazi, Sarasota Herald-Tribune